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How We Got Here

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "I'm a Christian and a democrat, that's all." My name is Kyle Davis and I'm not a democrat (or a republican for those who care), but I am a Christian. Before I'm a husband or a pastor or a Netflix fiend, I'm a Christian.

I was raised in more houses than I can count in New York. My parents split up when I was young and my 4 siblings and I have had a pretty rough go of it for as long as I can remember. I spent most of my time involved in drugs, drinking, and violence. Anger and hate kept me in a downward spiral until I found God in my early 20s. In a Hail Mary last 5 seconds of the 4th quarter kind of prayer, I asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life.

My life changed in that moment. Since then, I've been convinced that Jesus is exactly who he says he is in the New Testament and I'm sold out for people so that they can have the kind of freedom I experienced. I got a Bachelors in Professional Writing from The University of North Carolina Wilmington and a Master's in Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary so that I would be better trained to lead people towards that freedom. 


I've been a mental health technician, a carpenter, a boxer, a worship leader, a Youth Pastor, a Next Steps Pastor, and now I'm a Pastor of Adult Ministries at the flagship campus of the largest multi-site church in Utah. But before all those things, I'm a Christian and that's all.

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