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Create Sustainable Vision

One of the most important things in leadership is vision. It's the ability to see a group of people and a mission from 30,000 feet. Without vision, you're just clocking in and clocking out until eventually you realize you want something more.

You see, we all have this desire to be part of something more and do something that lasts. Little kids save the day when they pretend to be superheroes. Teenagers get involved in movements that better society. Adults? Well adults tend to lose their way somewhere after college when the bills start rolling in and we want to find the cash more than we want to chase the dream. But it's still living inside everyone!

It's your job to show your people how they are fulfilling that deep calling to do something big with what they are doing now. You have to tie their 9-5 to your 30,000 foot view. So how do you do that? I've got 3 steps that you can implement right now that will start your 2020 off with vision.

1. Find the why (Nearsightedness)

Noted author and leadership expert, Simon Sinek wrote a book called "Start with Why." It's all about how people don't buy into vision or leadership is because they can't see the how what they are doing will affect change either now or 10 years from now. They can't see how making spreadsheets propels the company into a place where they can be better. They can't see how weekly meetings to discuss the everyday events allow for community and better communication. They can only see the right here and the right now. They are nearsighted. You have to give them glasses and walk them through how what they do matters. Find the why behind their specific job and explain it to them in a way that they can understand. Talk it over and ask them questions about their why. The idea is that they would begin to own that why and make it their vision as well.

2. Create a Plan (Farsightedness)

Some people aren't nearsighted. They can see how what they are doing will implement change, but they are lost in the mud of the current situation. The company being 30% more profitable is great because we will all get raises, but they are stuck in how to make a spreadsheet. These people are the ones who need reading glasses. This is a much simpler fix, but it requires the most effort from you as a leader. You have to put a plan into practice that they can easily follow and then you need to follow up! Just like throwing a baseball, follow through is the most critical part. It is not enough that you help them once, you have to continue to check in and help them until they are able to stand on their own.

3. Celebrate the Goals (20/20 Vision)

It's easy to keep thinking about the next hill as a leader. There is always a way to improve or a new problem to tackle, but chances are, your people aren't wired like that. They are probably not as invested as you are, but you can help them in that regard. Celebrate the milestones and the victories. Nobody wants to be on a losing team and if you're always working and never celebrating, you're on a losing team. Find a win for your team and celebrate that will them in a way that matters. If you've reached 10% more people in the last month with your advertising, then buy lunch. If you're team finished it's project a week before schedule, give them Friday off. You have to have a happy medium of pushing towards the future and celebrating the past. This is how you coach a winning team.

These 3 things are simple and they've been written about hundreds of times, but they have proven to be effective in every area of leadership. Start implementing them in your team this week and leave a comment below on how it went.

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